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Last year, Hurricane Irma did some major damage to my roof and to the interior of my home. I submitted the claim to my insurance company, thinking they would repair the damage. They denied my claim, saying that the damage was from normal wear and tear of an old roof. Not knowing my options, I consulted with Nicole and she informed me I could sue the insurance company at no cost to me in order to restore my home to its pre-loss condition. Hiring her was the best decision I made. I didn’t have to worry about anything and she handled everything for me. Within a few months, she won the lawsuit and got me all the money I needed to get a new roof, repair all the damage to the interior of my home, my patio, and even got me money to replace some ruined furniture and additional living expenses. I was very pleased with Nicole’s expertise and would recommend her to everyone.
— Galit Wasserman

Nicole was really helpful with my case and was able to get it completely dropped after a few months. As an international resident, she was able to provide insight on both the criminal charges as well as my status of immigration and how to protect it. Thanks to her work, I can now continue my studies without this charge hindering my chances of getting into graduate school.
— Tess Pedeprat

Definitely had a GREAT experience with Nicole Rofe. She took care of my criminal case and was very attentive and communicative throughout the entire process. I had a lot of questions and concerns throughout this experience but she definitely calmed my nerves. Would reccomend her to anyone and everyone!! Thanks again Nicole!
— Humberto Davila

Nicole assisted me in the submission of a “Request for Exemption” with regards to the application process for my CPA Certification. This exemption was for the approval of my license application, which was not completed within the allotted time frame due to medical issues; as such, requiring special approval directly by the Licensing Board.

As part of these proceedings, Nicole researched the applicable laws and regulations, corresponded with the Board of Accountancy on my behalf, appeared in my place during a hearing in front of the State Licensing Board, and provided excellent legal advice that helped to ensure a fortuitous outcome.

Throughout our interactions, Nicole displayed a robust knowledge of the law, as well as the ability to research convoluted provisions within the applicable regulatory guidance. She took great ownership of my case and showed throughout that she cares about her clients. Based upon these aforementioned considerations, I highly recommend Nicole for any legal issues within the scope of her specializations.
— Charles Andrews

Nicole was a huge help in reviewing my premarital settlement agreement. She took a few hours to go over the contract line by line in order to make sure I understood what I was signing. She helped define and provide examples for any clauses I was unsure about. She was very knowledgeable and her attention to detail was outstanding. She also provided financial affidavit to make sure I was protected. If you want professional and honest advice see Nicole Rofe!
— Amy Nisson